Judge Giant (Junior)

Real Name: "Giant" Clay

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Mega-City Judge

Affiliations: Judge Dredd, Judge Rico, fellow Necropolis Cadets, the Gulag-raid squad

Enemies: Perps, Judge Mortis, the Vi-Zine producers, Sov Judges, Sabbat and his zombies, Aliens

Known Relatives: ? Clay (Judge Giant, father, deceased), John "Giant" Clay (grandfather, deceased), unindetified mother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mega-City One

First Appearance: 2000A.D. Prog 621

Powers/Abilities: Like most Judges, Giant is a trained combatant with all weapons, and is at the height of physical fitness.

History: Born from an extra-Judicial relationship between the first Judge Giant and an unnamed cit, young Giant was enrolled in the Academy of Law after his mother was murdered. Angry and volatile, he was partnered with Dredd whilst a Cadet in an attempt to sort him out. The two of them shut down a Vi-Zine network - snuff magazines – and Giant ran into the man who’d killed his mother; he was tempted to kill him but made an arrest instead.

As a Cadet, Giant would end up involved with two disastrous epics. The first was Necropolis - as the Dark Judges conquered the city and turned it into a killing zone, Giant and a few other Cadets were the only Judges who survived being brainwashed. After barely escaping an attack from Judge Mortis himself, Giant and the others joined Dredd, McGruder and Anderson, becoming instrumental in saving the city from the Dark Judges. Later, Giant was on a Hotdog Run evaluation in the Cursed Earth when Judgement Day started, causing Dredd to lead him and the other Cadets through hordes of the undead to reach the city; Giant was up against the zombie hordes alongside every Judge near the end.

As a full Judge, Giant would end up alongside Dredd on many an occasion, becoming known as his right-hand man and the best back-up man in the Department. He served a stint alongside Dredd policing the Pit; he was the man activating the Mechanismo robot Judges and turning the tide against a Xenomorph infestation on the Grand Hall of Justice; and he was part of the Gulag raid squad. He has recently felt threatened by the mass production of Dredd clones like Judge Rico, which challenged his prior assumed position as Dredd’s eventual replacement; a mission with Rico cured him of this.

Comments: Judge Giant was created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra.

Profile provided by Charles Ellis.

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