Real Name: Luke Armstrong/Ron-Garr

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial mutate gestalt

Occupation: Scientist/Pilot

Affiliations: Zodiac Force/Intergalactic Defense Force

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Solar System

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Gemini is composed of two beings merge into one. Gemini's human half can generate positive energy which enables him to transmute objects, while his alien half can generate negative energy which enables him to destroy all form of matter with devastating effects. Gemini's positive energy constantly reacts with his negative energy in miniature nuclear reactions giving him limitless energy.

History: Luke Armstorng and Ron-Garr were assigned by the Universal federation of Science in the 35th century to document the death of the planet Earth. Caught by the shockwave of the explosion, the ship's anti-matter engine drive exploded. Thrusted backward into time, both individuals were merged into one being and gained god-like superhuman powers.

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