Membership: Aqua-Lung, Asparagus Jones, the Blocker, Blot from Planet Z, Blue Herbert, Bobby Dazzler, B.O.Kid, Captain Chelmsford, Captain Leeds, Captain Patriot, Cellophane Wayne, Ceramic Man, Cosmik, Cyborg Cyd, Cyborg Cyril, Damsel in Distress, Dr. Daktari, Dr. Elixar, Duplicate Man, Fairly Amazing Spider-Hound, Fiery Jack, Frost Bite, General Junta, Green Thingy, Hopping Harry, Jet Lagg, Jock Strap, John Bull, Kid Chemistry, Lightning Bolt, Little One-Eyed God, Man Ant, the Mask, Mister Tremendous, Monster Man, Pogo Kid, Prince Regent, Red Pimple, Super-Ape, Super Mutant, Super Tot, Tall-Man, Tin Can Tommy, the Viking King, Weed Boy, Yak Man, numerous others

Purpose: To fight crime

Affiliations: None - everyone they might be affiliated with is already a member of the 400.

Enemies: Doc Fear, Doctor Deadly, Eraser Man

Base of Operations: Fantastic 400 H.Q.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1 (October 27th 1982) (or earlier)


Comments: Created by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett. The Fantastic 400 were one of the many comedy strips that appeared in early 1980s Marvel UK titles. Named in parody of the Fantastic Four, the F400's basic concept was "what if every hero joined the same team all at the same time?" Given the team's huge size, only a relatively small percentage of the members were ever named, and even fewer properly introduced. The strip appeared across various Marvel UK titles, including Fantastic Four (in 1982) and Thor (in 1983), and was continued in Exploits of Spider-Man in the 1990s.

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