Captain Britain (second run - 1980's monthly)

After the departure of writer Alan Moore at the conclusion of the Jaspers' Warp story, artist Alan Davis was joined by Jamie Delano in chronicling the good Captain's further adventures. Shortly after this changing of the guard, Captain Britain regained his own title. It lasted only 14 issues, but Captain Britain didn't go to comics limbo for long. Original CB writer Chris Claremont took the hero's sister Betsy into the X-Men, which naturally led to Captain Britain having a couple of guest shots with the mutant heroes. Soon he was launched in a U.S. title Excalibur, teamed up with some of the X-Men, in a series written intially by Claremont and drawn by Alan Davis.

Characters who first appeared during the Davis/Delano run of Captain Britain


Baba Yaga


Doc Croc


Agent Michael

Agent Gabriel



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