The Brotherhood of Darkness

Membership: A number of unnamed mutants whose eyes could not cope with light.

Purpose: Uncertain. They raided Mega-City One and kidnapped a number of citizens, but to what end is unknown. They may worship Darkness, or their religious appearance might just be a cover for looting and killing.

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Judge Dredd

Base of Operations: The Cursed Earth, in the vicinity of Mega-City One.

First Appearance: The Brotherhood of Darkness, Judge Dredd story, 2000 A.D. Prog #4 (19 March 1977)

History: (The Brotherhood of Darkness, Prog #4) The Brotherhood was a group of mutants who all seemed to share a problem coping with bright light, and who dressed up in monk's habits. They raided the nearby Mega-City One, looting for supplies and kidnapped a number of citizens, including the son of the Mayor. Ordered to rescue the boy, Judge Dredd passed himself off as one of the Brotherhood, and accompanied them back to their base in the atomic wilderness outside the city. Once most of the mutants were asleep, Dredd dealt with the guards and freed the prisoners. Most of the Brotherhood awoke and realised what was happening before they could make their get-away. Moving to block the escape, the Brotherhood was thwarted when Dredd blinded them with a flare. Then the Judge led their captives back to the city. The subsequent fate of the Brotherhood is unknown.

Comments: Created by Malcolm Shaw and Mike MacMahon.


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