The Great and Powerful Turtle

Real Name: Thomas Tudbury

Identity/Class: Mutant human (Ace)

Occupation: Full time superhero; former TV repairman, electronics store owner owner

Affiliations: Froggie, Legion

Enemies: The Astronomer, the Swarm

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Wild Cards

Powers/Abilities: Incredibly powerful telekinetic. His power became increasingly dependent on being in his "shell", a series of modified Volkswagon Beetles covered in battleship armour for protection and an array of cameras so he could see the outside world, so that when he was outside of this protective covering, his powers were very weak.

History: Thomas Tudbury was an Ace, a telekinetic with dreams of being a superhero, dreams that strengthend and crystallised with the assassination of President Kennedy. However, as his best friend demonstrated by beating him up, Thomas needed to be able to concentrate to use his powers, and as soon as someone hit him, he would lose this concetration. Using scrap from his friend's father's junkyard, Thomas outfitted an old Volkswagon Beetle with armour and cameras, and became the Great and Powerful Turtle, fighting crime from within his high-flying shell.

Comments: Thanks to Josh Geren for additional information on this character


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