Wu Fang

Real Name: Wu Fang

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Criminal mastermind

Affiliations: Sacred Order of the Golden Dragon, Chang Li, Zaru

Enemies: Val Kildare, Jerry Hazard

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: "The Case of the Six Coffins", The Mysterious Doctor Wu Fang (Popular Publications, September 1935)

Powers/Abilities: Scientific genius and machiavellian schemer.

History: Born into a wealthy and noble Chinese family, Wu Fang grew up in his family's pagoda on the Yangtze River. When Wu Fang was fifteen, his father purchased an American woman as a slave, but her brother tracked her down, and when Wu Fang's father refused to let man purchase his sister's freedom, the American slew him, then sold Wu Fang as a slave in turn. He ended up in Shanghai, where a few years later he won his freedom by leading the rickshaw coolies in rebellion against their masters. He went on to build a criminal empire, joining ancient secret societies such as the Sacred Order of the Golden Dragon and Chang Li, experimented in crossbreeding humans with animals (apparently successfully producing monkey men), became involved in slave trading, and established a vast network of agents. During the 1930s he clashed repeatedly with McNulty News Services reporter Jerry Hazard and FBI Agent Val Kildare; though Kildare thwarted a number of his schemes, Wu Fang managed in turn to discredit Kildare with the FBI and get him dismissed.

Comments: Created by Robert J. Hogan. His name may have come from the identically named villain of three 1915 silent movie serials.

Wu Fang appeared in seven stories:

  1. The Case of the Six Coffins (September 1935)

  2. The Case of the Scarlet Feather (October 1935)

  3. The Case of Yellow Mask (November 1935)

  4. The Case of the Suicide Tomb (December 1935)

  5. The Case of the Green Ray (January 1936)

  6. The Case of the Black Lotus (February 1936)

  7. The Case of the Hidden Scourge (March 1936)


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