The Wonder Boarders

Real Names: Mario, Tutoy and Jestoni

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrials

Occupation: students, boarders (renters in a room-for-rent house).

Affiliations: Each other; Lolo (owner of the boarding house)

Enemies: Extra-dimensional Alien Villains posing as humans

Known Relatives: Unnamed foster father (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Metro Manila, Philippines

First Appearance: Sitcom, a short film (shown in the Cinemanila Film festival 2002 and The Inyorai (In Your Eye) Video Festival 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Full extent of powers not yet discovered and controlled. Trained in the Martial Arts.

History: Crashlanding on Earth, 3 alien babies are adopted by a former moviestar, famous during the late 70's for his Superhero B-movie roles. He took care of them and trained the three to become true superheroes, creating for them costumes he once wore in his past movies and training them with basic Martial Arts skills. When their adoptive father died, the three went to the city, fulfilling their destiny as masked heroes, while keeping their secret identities as students, and struggling with boarding house life - often made difficult by their landlord Lolo, who is very strict and hates the three (but ironically adores and idolizes their superheroic alter-egoes).

Comments: From an article about Sitcom:

The animated crowd’s favorite, “SITCOM,” was another spoof at pop culture. It’s a film within a film or more appropriately, a situational comedy within the making of that sitcom by John Paul Sta. Maria. We’re just shown the scriptwriter typing his story on one end and his sitcom “Wonder Boarders” unfolding on the other end. A satire at the different TV sitcoms that are being fed to us by our local channels, it reminds me more of “Palibhasa Lalake” with its three main characters having superpowers, though. Wondering how the “Wonder Boarders” look like? Think of Herbert Bautista during his Super Islaw era, Lee Nadela during his pre-Slapshock days (or was it Makiling Ensemble’s Otto Hernandez), and any ordinary curly-haired comedian (Blakdyak, perhaps) wearing something like Robin’s costume. The weapons that they used to battle their Darth Maul-looking opponent were enough to tickle the fancy of the generally young audience inside the theater that afternoon.

There is planned to be a weekly comic strip to be featured next year on the Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday Edition.

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