Moving to a U.S. format

With the original headliner of Marvel U.K. now firmly ensconsed in an American title, Marvel U.K. had a lull for a little while, and outside of Doctor Who Magazine I don't believe they premiered anything new of note for a couple of years. Then in 1988 they made a move to try again with local talent; this time they produced new titles in the American format - a single story, U.S. sized colour comic, as opposed to an anthology, U.K. sized black-and-white comic. Four such creations were put forward: Dragons' Claws and Death's Head (finally getting his own book after two years of guesting elsewhere), the creator-owned Sleeze Brothers in 1989, and Knights of Pendragon (arguably the closest they had thus far come to a mainstream Marvel Universe title in this format) in 1990.

Dragons' Claws

The Dragons' Claws Team






Their enemies

Death's Head characters (other than him)


Big Gun

Sleeze Brothers

Knights of Pendragon characters (original run)

Original (not all superheroes) Knights

Kate McCellan

Ben Gallagher

Their foes


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