Los Universales

Membership: Fantasy; Hunter; Vengador; Titan; Titania; Atalanta; Escarlata; Powerman; Supremo

Purpose: To battle terrorists and other threats to the Unified Earth Government

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Unknown

Base of Operations: Centropolis, United States.

First Appearance: Los Universales (Portal Comics)

History: Faced with an extra-terrestrial threat, the army of the Unified Earth Government develops a team of superhumans, genetically modifying kidnap victims using an experimental process. The team, with their memories suitably altered, is put into action in 1990, battling terrorists and rebels who oppose the government. However the team soon suffered the defection of Supremo, their leader.

Even before they were unleashed, the government had prepared weapons which could destroy them and had them sterilised, both precautions to ensure they did not try and take over the world and replace normal humanity.

Comments: Created by Sergio Gustavo Muñoz.

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