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Affiliations: Andar

Enemies: Mon-Ark

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations:

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History: In the American West of the 1860's, Kiowa hunters Turok and Andar explored a cave in the desert. The cave led to another dimension. They emerged in the Lost Land, where they were menaced by dinosaurs and primitive tribesman. Later, Turok led the primitives against an incursion into the Lost Land by Dr. Lazlo Noel of North Am. Joining forces with North Am's protector, Magnus, Turok had his first encounter with futuristic technology.

Then, Erica Pierce, known as "Mothergod", arrived. Immediately changing the Lost Land to suit her plans, she erected futuristic facilities and fitted dinosaurs with intelligence-boosting implants. One of these "bionisaurs," called Mon-Ark, became Turok's greatest enemy. When Solar defeated Mothergod's genocidal "Unity" plan, the Lost Land was reduced to a state of unreality. Separated from Andar, Turok was cast through time and space to the jungles of Colombia in 1987. But he had not made the journey alone; scores of bionisaurs also appeared on Earth--including Mon-Ark.

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