Real Name: Frank Wells





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance:

Powers/Abilities: Flight, invulnerability and superhuman strength.

History: Titan was born powerful, and never had a normal childhood - especially as his military father gave him a very tough education, and beat his mother. While seen as different, and persecuted by the other boys during his childhood and adolescence, he never dared to hit them back, using his abilities to flee instead. When his father died in the Vietnam war to a sniper's bullet, he didn't mourn him. Still, he couldn't fit in. At one point, he blew a fuse and invaded a football field in order to prove his worth by scoring a goal, then fled blindly, leaving behind two teams of badly wounded teenagers. He drifted a bit then went to Golden City. There, Grace made him into a hero, Golden City's first actual superhero. The young Frank Wells was delighted he could fit in, and was somewhat in love with Grace. He was viewed by all as an All-American mainstay of justice and old fashioned values.

After his first year, he received - solely for marketing and PR reasons - a sidekick named Golden Boy. The kid was completely out of his league, of course, and ended up being tortured and losing an eye. The then-mayor of Golden City, Grace, retired him.

A few years after that episode, and in the ninth year of Titan's career, Grace declared Golden City's secession from the United States; after she won, Titan left. He took his decision after a fight with Rebel over Rhapsody's death, but could not stay in Golden City after its secession anyway - due to his patriotism, fighting US forces had been hard for him, and he didn't approve of Grace's methods (even leading to a bitter fight which Grace won). Besides, Grace had negotiated a deal in which giving Titan back to the US was a part of the peace package between the US and Golden City. The superhero went to work for the National Security Council, which immediately began to manipulate him and using him as a strong PR tool.

The accumulated frustration and neurosis finally got the better of Titan. During a mission in Arcadia, he began to see that the world was far more complex and gray than he thought. His next mission in Steel Harbor had him attempt to impose a deluded justice on the whole town, and he stopped listening to reason. He was teleported out by Grace, on the request of the US government, before he could fight Motorhead and inflict untold damage in so doing. Mental scans by Madison revealed that Titan's dreams were to kill the Agents of Change and break Grace to his will (or more probably rape her, but the comics code wouldn't have approved), and a fight ensued. However, the mental blocks that prevented Titan to access his full might were breaking down with his growing frustration and intensity, and he became too much even for Grace to handle. Grace, knowing of the Vortex, led him to Cinnabar Flats to make him fight the Vortex. The alien scientist, however, refused to intervene until his human friend, Lieutenant Anderson, was killed due to Titan's destruction of the armored forces at Cinnabar Flats.

Vortex started to fight Titan while the mysterious King Tiger reached the scene of the fight with his bow and a magical arrow. After Titan had temporarily KOed Vortex, King Tiger shot Titan in the chest and killed him. Titan's invulnerability, however, had him rise again, only to be killed by Vortex.

During Titan's autopsy, his powers were mysteriously transmitted to a special agent named Bert - a chain smoking operative working directly and personally for President William Clinton.



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