Tinay Pinay

Real Name: Tina

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: High School student

Affiliations: Bajeng, McNiel (friends)

Enemies: Aliena Baba, Brutonica, Trispanot, Boss Lakitenga

Known Relatives: Maria (mother)

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Pilipino Funny Komiks #885 (June, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

History: Tinay was an ordinary country girl when a mysterious shining orb fell from the sky. The orb gave her powers and a costume and named her Tinay Pinay.

Comments: Created for Pilipino Funny Komiks

Thanks to Dan Ramon P. Geromo for information and images, and to Jocelmond Tome for additional information.


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