Tina Greer

Real Name: Tina Greer

Identity/Class: Human, mutated by Kryptonite

Occupation: Student at Smallville High

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Clark Kent, Lana Lang

Known Relatives: Unnamed mother

Aliases: Lana Lang, Clark Kent, Whitney Fordman, Lex Luthor (technically; she has assumed their appearances on some occasions)

Base of Operations: Smallville

First Appearance: Smallville #4 "X-Ray" (WB, 6th November 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Could change into another person at will, so long as they are of a similar size. On some occasions, particularly when confronting Clark, she appeared to possess superhuman strength and speed to match his own, but lacked his invulnerability.

History: (X-Ray) Tina could trace her powers back to when she was still very young. A victim of a soft bone disease as a child, she was cured by Kryptonite radiation being used to irradiate her bones. However, this had the rather interesting side-effect of giving her the ability to change her entire physical appearance and even her voice, coupled with enhanced strength and speed; the only catch was that she could only copy someone of a similar height or weight, and she was no more durable then the next human.

As a teenager, Tina began to grow tired of always being ignored, and turned her attention to using her powers to commit various crimes while posing as others. She started off by robbing a bank while posing as Lex Luthor, but her mother refused to take the money and, while trying to convince her to keep it, Tina ended up causing her mother's death. She tried to keep it secret for a time, but Clark managed to figure out her secret thanks to his newest power, X-ray vision, which allowed him to see her Kryptonite-treated skeleton and the money from the bank in her locker.

Tina tried to kill Clark by throwing him out of the top window of the barn, but his alien physiology allowed him to survive. Along with his friend Pete Ross, Clark figured out Tina's next move; she intended to permanently take the place of popular teen cheerleader Lana Lang. Posing as Lana's boyfriend, Whitney, Tina managed to capture Lana, imprisoning her in a airtight coffin and take her kryptonite necklace, just before Clark showed up. Despite the Kryptonite, Clark managed to overpower Tina in time to save Lana from suffucating, leaving Tina to be taken away to an asylum.

About a year later, Tina faked her own suicide by knocking someone out, dousing them with paint thinner, and lighting a match over their body. After her escape, she headed back to Smallville, having realised something; she didn't envy Lana, she was in love with Lana! Posing as Whitney (who'd left Smallville to join the army and had been killed in a bombing raid), she tried to trick Lana into marrying her, but when Lana rejected "Whitney's" proposal, Tina tried a different strategy; pose as Clark while leaving him in his parent's basement, with Lana's Kryptonite necklace around his neck, slowly killing him. However, the ship that brought him to Earth (which was also in the basement) somehow managed to neutralize the kryptonite and save his life, leaving Clark free to charge off and stop Tina. After a brief battle in an alleyway, Tina was impaled on a broken window frame and died, her last words to Clark being "Take care of Lana".

Comments: Played by Lizzie Caplan.

Profile by David Spence.


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