Membership: Andromeda, Chaos, Force, Freelancer, Halo, Matrix, Middle Fingaz, Silk, Stepson, XXL

Purpose: To free humanity from the Great Gods' dominance, to defend their freedom from those who wish to exploit their powers, to prove to the world they are not terrorists

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Great Gods of New Frontier, CIA

Base of Operations: New Frontier

First Appearance: Stormbringers #1 (Stormbringer Studios, 2007)

History: Waking the day after a torrential lightning storm 36 women in New Frontier discovered they had gained superhuman powers derived from "womb energy," but also found themselves hunted by a covert agency seeking to use them for experimentation. Those who evaded capture or death were eventually brought together by a former CIA Black Ops director alongside male superhumans who had escaped the CIA Black Ops program, and became the Stormbringers. Publicly labelled as terrorists by the authorities, the Stormbringers found themselves battling the eight Great Gods, self-proclaimed deities with considerable power and influence who secretly run much of the world.

Comments: Created by Korby Marks.


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