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Welcome to the reviews and previews section on International Hero. I've been asked several times by people writing in to me about what books, comics and DVDs I'd recommend checking out. I'm not sure why anyone thinks my opinion is more valid or interesting than anyone else's, but since people have persisted in asking, I previously put together a semi-regular reviews section where I covered the occasional new release that takes my fancy. Since I took time away from the site, this section had become hopelessly outdated, so I've now cleared the old reviews out. I will start adding to it again as and when I encounter stuff I feel like recommending. If you are a creator or publisher wanting your product publicised and/or reviewed, then please feel free to drop me a line. While my site's focus is largely aimed at superhero features, I am more than happy to review any comics regardless of genre, and movies or TV shows with action, SF, fantasy, spies or detective show backgrounds. As ever, comments below are my opinion only, and your feelings may differ stuff about the stuff I like or dislike.

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