The Olympians

Membership: Brainwave (leader, deceased), Athena, Bulldog, Ladybird (deceased), Rover (deceased), Rover 2, Virtuoso, Yesman

Purpose: To protect Britain - allegedly

Affiliations: Dolphin Master, Brand, Sir Adrian Britton (Minister for Superheroics)

Enemies: Anvil, Buccaneer, Clown Prince, Dr.Calculus, Rabid

Base of Operations: London, U.K.

First Appearance: The Olympians #1 (Epic Comics)

History: The Olympians were a group of superheroes gathered by the British government to defend the United Kingdom. At first they were a success, both in terms of doing their assigned job, and on the public relations front. But as time passed, the cracks began to show, with team members dying, and the personality inadequacies of several of the members becoming increasingly clear. Disaster piled on disaster, and the team's image hit an all time low, just before two of the members decided to have a battle to the death, destroying much of London in the process.

Comments: Created by Steven Jewell and Gary Chaloner.

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