Real Name: Jean-Paul Beaubier

Identity/Class: Mutant human

Occupation: Former skier, now full-time superhero

Affiliations: (formerly) Alpha Flight; (currently) X-Men

Enemies: Omega Flight

Known Relatives: Jeanne-Marie Beaubier (Aurora, twin sister); Louis Martin (step father)

Aliases: Jean-Paul Martin

Base of Operations: Xavier's Institute in Westchester

First Appearance: X-Men #120; Alpha Flight



Comments: Another character who had his story hopelessly screwed up by writers who followed John Byrne. Someone decided that he and his sister were actually half Asgardian elves (on the basis that they seemed to have slightly pointed ears!), then another writer thankfully undid that exceptionally stupid idea. Like Guardian, it's best to ignore what later writers did with him.

Thanks to Alina Fismen for providing information about his relatives, aliases and current base of operations.

"GorillaFace4" writes to remind me that Northstar was one of the first gay mainstream superheroes. That probably shouldn't be surprising considering he was created by John Byrne, who also created Gay Guy (one of the first gay, but not mainstream, superheroes).


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