Jericho Noleski

Real Name: Jericho Noleski

Identity/Class: Demon, former human

Occupation: Biker, former soldier/courier

Affiliations: Chris Heyman, John Gaunt

Enemies: Demons, King Cadaveron

Known Relatives: Unidentified father

Aliases: Mule

Base of Operations: Hell, formerly Cynosure's Outlands

First Appearance: Grimjack #5 (First Comics)


History: Was a hell-rider during the Demon Wars, taking messages through demon held territory from one safe haven to another. "Was right back after the Dancer's rebellion. Things were a bit stretched here in the city, as you might recall. TDP was low on manpower, tended to concentrate just on Cynosure. ... In the Outlands things got real wild for a time.

The remnants of Dancer's army, ex-Gladiators for the most part, took to their wheels and lit out to where the land was open and lawless. Gangs rode roughshod over wide patches of territory. Several of these was forged into a small army by Harry 'King' Cadaveron.

Out by the old Deadend Station, a whole section of the Eternity Road became Cadaveron's own private hunting preserve. Whatever caught their eye, they took. They were animals, plain and simple. That's what the Arena trained 'em to be. Thing is - they liked being animals. The only way a shipment was allowed through was by payin' huge tolls. That's, of course, assumin' they didn't rob you outright."

Cal, who relates the above, had been the marshal in the Outlands for twenty years before the rebellion. Since patrols were no use (Cadarvon and his men just hid till they went away), but something had to be done about his attacks on the traffic on the Road. Cal insisted he was retired, as he had lost a hand in the Rebellion ("Might give 'em an edge."), but he reckoned he knew who might be able to handle the job - "if he were given a free hand, so to speak."

"Jericho was in the little big house out by the prairie (prison). He and I (Cal) had this history together. He was a lone-wolf biker sort, in and out of trouble all the time. Back when I was marshall, I slapped him in jail so often we'd set up this sort of mutual grudging admiration society. He was definitely a hard-case, but not a bad one. I always felt he just needed some focus for his life." So Cal offered him the job. At first Jericho was uninterested, but when Cal mentioned how the gang were disrespecting his Daddy's old Station, he immediately agreed. It took him two weeks to eliminate the King and his men.

Jericho became the law in the Outlands, a TDP bike cop patrolling the Eternity Road. Scratch that - he's THE TDP bike cop in the Outlands. Stubborn and tough, he takes his job of protecting the law-abiding folks out there very seriously - even if the only locals are law-abiding jack rabbits. But when Grimjack starts sniffing around a case involving stolen PRGs taken from the TDP, the true crook sets Noleski to take the fall.

"Smells like Cynosure t'me, city boy. Don't much care for that smell.

I was born out here (in the Outlands), city. My Daddy ran that Dead End Station. Him and me built it. Every rock, every crevice, damn near every grain of sand hereabouts I know."

"I fought th' Demon Wars here, same as you, city. Don't like Cynosure much, but I can find my own way (round)"

"All I had was muh bike, muh badge and muh Daddy's station. Suited me fine. Now they've taken everything from me but muh bike. Somebody's got to pay." - Jericho eulogises after he is set up and his home is destroyed, G#5

Comments: Created by John Ostrander and Tim Truman.

May be a Christian, as he wears a cross - or he may just have found it useful to have religious paraphernalia on him during the Demon Wars. Calls Gaunt "City" - in return Gaunt calls him "Mule".

He hates haunts (such as Spook) - "Fought them and their kind back in th'Demon Wars. I seen what they could do t'living folk! Never forgot, never forgave."


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