No Name

Real Name: Masakatsu no Name

Identity/Class: Japanese superhero zombie

Occupation: undead "hero"

Affiliations: Miranda De Pedra, Shane McMurphy

Enemies: Dr. Rottermeier,Geriatriche Quattro, Il Presidente, Spriggans, Tefkas, Satan

Known Relatives: Unnamed mother

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: "Libero Mercato" (1997);  "No Name #0" (1998)

Powers/Abilities: Being undead, he cannot die again.

History: No Name is an overweight, undead, Japanese superhero wannabe, and not a very bright one at that.

(No Name #1) No Name was carried away from his grave in a superhero cemetery by two old hags, and taken to a clinic for injuried superheroes; at first it seemed they planned to use his organs to revitalize other heroes, but the truth was that lady Dr. Rottermeier, chief of the clinic, wanted to drain powers from superheroes to give them to her old helpers and herself. Rottermeier was later revealed to be a moving plant! She and the other two hags (plus another one) formed the Geriatriche Quattro ("Geriatric Four" !!!) group; No Name fought back and won...or did he?

(No Name #2) The President of USA used No Name to get rid of Il Presidente (The President), an elderly serial killer (who happened to be the American President's grandfather) and self-proclaimed mayor of Presidentown, a small western-like town. Il Presidente wanted to enlarge Presidentown to cover all of the USA. With the help of beautiful woman Miranda De Pedra, in the end No Name faced his foe in a typical western-style gun duel, but lost. In spite of this, il Presidente gets killed...

(No Name #3) No Name became involved in a complicated and bizarre mafia story: he agreed to help Shane McMurphy, an undead Irish gangster, with getting rid of gangster Spriggans (Irish elves!) and their chief Tefkas, thus making McMurphy the head of worldwide organized crime. No Name became very briefly a crime boss (and Miranda De Pedra reappeared).

(No Name #4) An Italian film director used No Name to play the protagonist in some bad '50s-like peplum movie (something like "Samson vs. Hercules" and so on...), but his son was a sort of Anti-Christ and evokes Satan. No Name goes to Hell, depicted in a Divine Comedy fashion, and, in a truly absurd and out-of-character ending, he kills Satan (!!) and takes his place (!!!).

Comments: Created in 1997 by writer Davide Barzi and artist Oskar.

Thanks to Federico "Boyakki" for information and images. He notes "It is hard to put No Name in the category of superhero comics, because his adventures are very weird and take inspiration from various genres, from horror to western to gangster stories, even since he's protagonist of a very short series. I consider No Name a superhero mainly because of his dress (with his cape and chains, he seems just a parody of Spawn, as you can see in the pictures I sent you), and the fact he maybe was (or wanted to be) one.

In fact, "No Name" lasts only five issues, from #0 to #4, though #1, dated 1998, was first published in March 2000 and last issue came out in March 2004!!!

His catchphrases are "Sol Levante!" ("Rising Sun!") and "Gheisha bagasha!" (this can be roughly translated as "Whore geisha!")."

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