Real Name: Colin King

Identity/Class: Human mutant



Enemies: Iwatsu

Known Relatives: John King (father, deceased)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Bloodshot #5 (Valiant)

Powers/Abilities: Ninja warrior with a chameleon suit. He is an expert in espionage techniques and in the martial arts.

History: Colin King is the wealthy son of Captain John King, a master spy who served in the employ of the British Government. Colin was born as part of a government-sponsored genetics program dubbed "Hope and Glory." This program has gifted Colin with genius-level intellect and peak human efficiency. Neville Alcott's daughter, Jillian, was also a successful member of this program and became the heroine known as Deathangel.

Colin was raised in the Orient, but was always an outcast in their society. When his father was killed by the mad scientist Iwatsu, Colin went into training, determined to carry on his father's tradition and bring his killers to justice. Now a master of the secret arts of the ninja, he serves England and the world as Ninjak.

He is the enforcer for the mysterious Weaponeer and the top espionage expert in the world. From martial arts to demolition and information acquisition, Ninjak's multitude of skills and keen intellect always keep him a step ahead of his opponents. And his amazing ability to prepare for any outcome in a given situation means that, no matter how outmatched he may seem, Ninjak always has an ace in the hole! Ninjak also protects himself with a unique, kevlar armored body-suit that can change colors like a chameleon. But whether his approach is stealthy or direct, Ninjak is never caught unprepared!



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