Nathan Never

Real Name: Nathan Never

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Special agent, former policeman

Affiliations: Legs Weaver (partner), Agenzia Alfa (private security and detective agency), Sigmund Baginov, Al Goodman

Enemies: Eric Kleeman, Aristotle Skotos, Kal Skotos, Marcus Hackman, Athos Than, Fratellanza Ombra (Shadow Brotherhood), Ned Mace, Krazykat, Shado Haara

Known Relatives: Laura Loring Never (wife, deceased), Ann Never (daughter)

Aliases: Robert Clouse, Noah Bright

Base of Operations: The City

First Appearance: Nathan Never (Sergio Bonelli, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled martial artist

History: In the 22nd century  (see Comments) Nathan Never was a police officer until a criminal he was pursuing, Ned Mace, murdered Nathan's wife Laura in front of Nathan's daughter Ann. The newly widowed Nathan was forced to place his traumatised child into a psychiatric institution, and went into retreat in a Shaolin temple, where he studied martial arts for several years until his dwindling finances forced him to return to civilization to find a job to pay for his daughter's ongoing medical treatment. Nathan joined private security agency Agenzia Alfa, soon becoming one of their top operatives.

Comments: Created by Michele Medda, Bepi Vigna and Antonio Serra.

In Nathan's era it is the late 22nd century by our calendar, but Papal decree circa 2024 reset the date back 70 years, making it late 21st when Laura Never was murdered, and 2100 when Nathan's published adventures began.

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