Luc Orient

Real Name: Luc Orient

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: Professor Hugo Kala, Lora (girlfriend)

Enemies: Sectan, Julius Argos

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across space

First Appearance: Tintin #952 (1966)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

History: Adventurer Luc Orient, his mentor Professor Hugo Kala of superlab Eurocristal, and his girl-friend Lora, rescued aliens from the planet Terango, stranded on Earth. They then travelled to Terango to thwart the evil tyrant Sectan who plotted to invade Earth. Subsequent adventures involved a series of scientific mysteries. Luc and Lora later acquired super-powers, and eventually returned to a much-changed Terango. Their arch-enemy was the evil scientist Julius Argos.

Comments: Created by Greg (pseudonym of Michel Regnier) and Eddy Paape.

Luc Orient was originally serialized in the weekly comic magazine "Tintin" starting in 1966. It was one of the many series simultaneously launched by its then-editor Greg to give the magazine a needed facelift. Luc Orient's adventures were then collected as a series of graphic novels by Editions du Lombard, starting in 1969.

The series continued regularly with one or two volumes per year until episode 13 released in 1978. After "Tintin" cancellation in 1978 (following several name changes), the later episodes were released sporadically.

Episode 16 was written by Paape himself. "Episode 17" was not a single new story but a collection of short stories previously published in the digest-sized "Tintin Pocket" in the early 1970s and reformatted for graphic novel publication. Episode 18, released in 1994, seems to be the last in the series.

  1. Le Dragon de Feu [The Dragon Of Fire] (TI Nos. 952-970, 1966-67)

  2. Les Soleils de Glace [The Suns Of Ice] (TI Nos. 976-997, 1967)

  3. Le Maitre de Terango [The Master Of Terango] (TI Nos. 1009-1029, 1968)

  4. La Planète de l'Angoisse [The Planet Of Terror] (TI Nos. 1040-1059, 1968-69)

  5. La Forêt d'Acier [The Forest Of Steel] (TI Nos. 1082-1102, 1969)

  6. Le Secret des 7 Lumières [The Secret Of The 7 Lights] (TI Nos. 1118-1138, 1970)

  7. Le Cratère aux Sortilèges [The Crater Of Spells] (TI Nos. 1183-1196, 1971)

  8. La Légion des Anges Maudits [The Legion Of The Fallen Angels] (TI Nos. 1206-1221, 1971-72)

  9. 24 Heures pour la Planète Terre [24 Hours For Planet Earth] (TI No.1258-TH No. 10, 1972-73)

  10. Le 6ème Continent [The Sixth Continent] (TH Nos. 53-60, 1974)

  11. La Vallée des Eaux Troubles [The Valley Of Murky Waters] (TH Nos. 83-98, 1974)

  12. La Porte de Cristal [The Crystal Gate] (NT Nos. 10-25, 1975-76)

  13. L'Enclume de la Foudre [The Anvil Of Thunder] (NT Nos. 96-107, 1977)

  14. Le Rivage de la Fureur [The Shores Of Wrath] (1981)

  15. Roubak, Ultime Espoir [Rubak: Ultimate Hope] (1984)

  16. Caragal (1985)

  17. Les Spores de Nulle Part [The Spores From Nowhere] ("Tintin Pocket" 1970; collected 1990)

  18. Rendez-Vous à 20 Heures en Enfer [Rendezvous At 20:00 In Hell] (1994)

Luc Orient is now being reprinted in omnibus editions, two volumes in one.

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