La Liga de Plato (The Silver League)

Membership: Supermarcos; Argentineman; Bandera (Flag); Chanchman; El Avisador; Batería Azul (Blue Battery); Lumbrí de Seda; Bicho; Rata-man; Baudioman; Eléctrico; Fábula; Ínfimo; Farmaboy; Capitán Rioplatense

Purpose: To fight those threats that cannot be fought by only one hero, save the day and then drink with your mates back at HQ

Affiliations: Not yet known

Enemies: Bruta Bestia (Brute Beast)

Base of Operations: Gudeirs, Argentina

First Appearance: (group) La Liga de Plata (Portalcomic, 2003)

(individual members) Max King Comics! (fanzine, between February 1999 and October 2001)

History: Unknown

Comments: Created by Max King. Thanks to Max for additional information about the group.

CLARIFICATIONS: Not to be confused with

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