Lazy Dragon

Lazy Dragon is the tiger, btwReal Name: Ben Choy

Identity/Class: Mutant human (Ace)

Occupation: Assassin and enforcer for the Shadow Fists

Affiliations: Shadow Fists


Known Relatives: Vivian (Tienyu, sister)


Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Wild Cards "Down and Dirty" (1988)

Powers/Abilities: Lazy Dragon can animate objects in the shape of animals, shifting his mind to same and causing them to transform into whatever animal they are meant to represent. He usually makes use of origami animals to do so, although in one instance he carved the creature (a polar bear) out of a bar of soap. One of his favourite animals for this is a tiger. Should the beast be killed, this will cause Lazy Dragon's mind to snap back to his body, which he usually stores away somewhere safe while he is elsewhere (as it is comatose and helpless in his absence). Lazy Dragon is partially schizophrenic, with a second, female personality, whom he considers his sister. His body can alter to change gender, and this other personality takes over when this happens, which often occurs from the shock after his animal forms have been killed.


Comments: Created by William F. Wu.


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