Kapteeni Kuolio (Captain Gangrene or Captain Necrosis)

Real Name: Veikko Eloranta

Identity/Class: Mystic adventurer

Occupation: Mental Health Disability Pensioner, ex-asylum inmate

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Lots of extradimensional entities, including the Black Pope, Tamperkele

Known Relatives: daughter (name unknown)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Tampere, Finland

First Appearance: Sarjari (of Tampere Comics Society)

Powers/Abilities: Can see otherdimensional and mystical threats, knows a number of magic spells and has strange gadgets that look like normal household objects: Magic includes shielding, dimensional gates, offensive magic and various strange forms of divination.

He washes himself exceedingly rarely. He smells strongly of sweat. (This is included in the category "Special Powers" in Manninens´ original profile for Kuolio, so it gets included here, even if it is not something most people would consider a power).

History: Kapteeni Kuolio is a self-assigned protector of Tampere against monsters and otherdimensional entities. He has, among other things, destroyed a soul-eater Black Pope and fought a pitch-black semi-cthulhoid immortal creature called Tamperkele - although he had to travel into the history of Tampere to find appropriate weapons. Would like to use just underwear but resorts to normal clothing to avoid unnecessary attention.

Comments: Creation of Finnish comic artist Pekka Manninen.

Profile by Vesa Lehtinen. Images supplied by Terry Hooper.

Thanks to Jussi Gradistanac for additional information. Among other corrections, Jussi notes "Kuolio is not actually unemployed but rather a mental health outpatient living with Finnish Folk Pension Offices disability pension. He has a daughter born out of a sperm sample taken from the captain by mysterious Cosmic Masters while unconsious. The reasons for this are a bit unclear but it seems that the Masters want to raise Kuolios´ daughter to be the successor of his work after the Captain eventually leaves this sphere of existence. This character has only been seen in one panel so far and is, as of yet, unnamed."


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