Real Name: Tala

Identity/Class: Magically empowered human

Occupation: Washer, Waitress

Affiliations: Lover Boy, Patotina, Mokong, Lualhati, Fantasia

Enemies: Harimon, Super Z, Morfino, Bacchus, Kabagona, Luminax, Terracota, Likido

Known Relatives: Zorah (mother), Aleta (adoptive mother), Joram (adoptive father), Mokong (son)

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Philippines

First Appearance: Krystala TV series (ABS-CBN, Philippines, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Ability to fly, superhuman strength, endurance and invulnerability.

Tala with her friend DonnaHistory: Krystala was a heroine from the legendary Madulom tribe. A hundred years ago, Diwata Luwalhati clashed with the wicked Harimon. The fierce battle left the former trapped in a crystal and the latter locked in a black onyx.

In modern times, a girl called Tala accidentally unearthed the crystal of Diwata Luwalhati. Tala vowed to the spirit of Diwata Luwalhati to rid the world of Harimon's evil cohorts. Harimon's spirit had been set free earlier when the black onyx was found by a city girl named Zorah. Whoever has the possession of the onyx will be corrupted and empowered by its evil. To help her in her fight, Diwata Luwalhati transformed Tala into the superpowered Krystala, so she could battle Zorah and other vile and sinister villains. Little does she know that Zorah is her real mother.

Krystala's foesComments: Played by Judy Ann Santos.

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