Real Name: Koushik

Identity/Class: Cyborg

Occupation: Spy working for Indian Secret Services.

Affiliations: Research & Analytic Wing, the super-secret intelligence service of Indian Government

Enemies: Terrorists, outlaws, enemies of nation and mankind; or anything which is a danger to India in particular and the world in general.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Worldwide

First Appearance: 'Koushik' (Comic Strip in the cover-page of Magazine Shuktara, started around 40 years ago.)

Powers/Abilities: He is extremely intelligent and swift, very strong, and in general his physical capabilities are well above those of an average human. He is an expert in both the martial arts and boxing, and is trained to survive in extremely hostile environments.

He is also extremely intelligent, able to talk in various languages, a master of disguise, and knowledgeable about electronics and other technologies related to espionage.

During one mission, his right arm got severely injured and had to be amputated at the wrist. One genius scientist from the espionage service replaced it with a very special robotic arm. This robotic arm has many secret powers including being able to fire bullets (used as a gun in emergencies) and spraying paralyzing gas which can paralyze even an elephant for a few hours. It also has nails which he can extended out from the hand and use like claws. Those nails can also be shot at any object, like a double-edged knife. The arm can be used as a laser gun; has a hidden transmitter/receiver near the wrist; and is so flexible that when he wears a glove, nobody can make out that it is a robotic arm.

History: Koushik is a spy who has fought against enemy countries, terrorists, international drug and arms smugglers, misguided genius scientists and even once was sent to solve the mystery of an island where dinosaurs still lived! Above all, he's a patriot. No pressure, no matter how great, can divert him from his love for his motherland and his duty.

Comments: Created by Narayan Debnath, creator of Bantul the Great and numerous other comic strips.

Thanks to Prabal Chakravarty for sending me all the above information and pictures. Thanks to Biswaroop Ghosh for corrections.


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