Konjiki no Gash Bell

Real Name: Gash Bell

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional; his race is commonly referred to as "mamonos"

Occupation: Candidate for king of the mamonos

Affiliations: Kiyomaro Takemine (partner), Suzume (friend), Parco Folgore and his shapeshifting mamono Kyanchome (allies), teen idol Megumi and her forcefield-creating mamono Tio (allies), Sheri Belmont and her gravity-manipulating mamono Brago (occasional allies)

Enemies: Ajikawa (thief) and his ice mamono Reikomu, Renji (slacker) and his wind mamono Fein, most of the other remaining mamonos

Known Relatives: None (Gash has amnesia and doesn't remember his life in his home dimension)

Aliases: Zatch Bell (title of the edited version of the anime that is airing in America)

Base of Operations: The home of Kiyomaro Takemine, Japan

First Appearance: Konjiki no Gash Bell (anime, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: The spellbook his partner Kiyomaro possesses contain spells that cause Gash to use his various electricity-themed abilities. The spells may only be used when Kiyomaro is experiencing strong emotions such as righteous anger, friendship, or bravery. Some of the spells are Zakeru (blast of electricity), Rashield (electrical shield that reflects projectiles), Jikerdor (magnetizes foes), Zakeruga (a focused, laser-like blast of electricity), Baou Zakeruga (a massive dragon formed of electricity), Rauzaruku (Gash's body becomes coated in electricity), and many others.

History: In early 2003, Kiyomaro Takemine's father was on an archaeological expedition in a forest in England. In the middle of the expedition, he discovered a strange blonde-haired child wearing a dark blue cloak and possessing doll-like eyes. He sent the child, named Gash Bell, to his son Kiyomaro's home in Japan in the hopes that Gash would become Kiyomaro's friend as well as helping him gain other friends, despite Kiyomaro's attitude of superiority concerning his peers and schoolmates. Gash arrived via a hawk that crashes through the window of Kiyo's room, and he promptly though inadvertently annoyed Kiyomaro. Kiyomaro then accidentally yelled out the word "Zakeru", the first spell in the spellbook Gash brought with him, causing his room to be destroyed to an even greater degree. Eventually, Kiyomaro and Gash became friends after a few encounters with enemy mamonos. This also allowed them to learn about the tournament that Gash and the 99 other mamonos were fighting in in order to determine the next mamono king. After an encounter with a friendly mamono named Kolulu who didn't want to fight but was given a violent and angry split personality so she would fight, Gash decided to win the tournament and become a benevolent king so that there would be no more infighting between the mamonos.

Comments: Created by Makoto Raiku.

Profile provided by "Monkey Luffy".


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