Kit Kappa

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History: In 3000 BC, the peaceful people of Mohenjo Dar were forced to find refuge in the hidden valley of Kappa, deep inside the Tibetan mountains. There, they developed the mastery of martial arts and advanced mind powers -- the so-called "Third Eye.".

In 1941, a plane crashed near the valley. The sole survivor was a pregnant woman -- Janet Marson -- who died giving birth the a boy, christened Kit Kappa by the lamas. Because of an ancient prophecy, they believed the boy had a unique destiny to fulfill, and opened his "Third Eye" soon after his birth.

Kit Kappa grows up to master all forms of martial arts, and the powers of his amazing Third Eye -- astral projection, far sensing, mind control, etc. He is then sent out into the west to work for good and justice. He is accompanied by his clumsier friend, Tapley. His arch-enemy is the renegade Kappan, Darma, who hates Kit and wishes to use his powers for evil.




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