Kid Chameleon

Real Name: Gavin Webb

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: None

Affiliations: The Lizards of the Kalahari, Tagasee the Wise, Ali Hassan, Pietro Spogetti, Abe Bannerman, Sam Crouch, Stevie Parker, Ralph Franklin, Lindy Franklin

Enemies: Matthew Blain, Musti Fatah, Clive Smythe, Johnny Bull's-Eye, Sunset Kilpenny, Zarbampa, Len Bolton, Sammy Bolton, Anvil Ironhead, Jim Latchett, Slugger Sankey

Known Relatives: Mr & Mrs Webb (parents, deceased)

Aliases: He-of-the-Lizard-Skin

Base of Operations: Kalahari Desert

First Appearance: Cor!!  #1 (I.P.C., 6 June 1970)

Powers/Abilities: Able to change colour while wearing his skin-tight lizard suit. He has an astounding rapport with the desert's reptiles.

History: When an infant survived a plane crash in the Kalahari Desert, chameleon lizards coated the child with their sticky tongues, giving him a protective skin to save him from the burning rays of the sun. Though found and befriended by a local tribesman, Tagasee (later dubbed "the Wise" by his tribe), the boy was raised by reptiles and grew up a friend to all lizards, weaving himselfa suit of scales which gave the power to change colour at will. When the boy was old enough, Tagasee informed him that when he had checked on the boy's parents in the plane wreck, he had found they were shot after the plane crashed, and that there had been tracks leading away from the wreck belonging to another survivor, presumably their murderer. Tagasee gave the boy his only clue to the killer's identity, a buckle emblazoned with a silver skull with a dagger behind it. Armed with this, the boy then set off to hunt down his parents' killer. After numerous adventures he finally captured the man, who turned out to be international thief Matthew Blain; captured by the boy, Blain revealed that Kid Chameleon was Gavin Webb, the son of pilots who Blain had chartered a flight with, then murdered when they recognised him as a wanted fugitive. Though the authorities informed Kid Chameleon that he was now rich, as there was a massive reward for Blain's capture, the boy eschewed any wealth, instead demanding he be returned home to the Kalahari, where he was reunited with his lizard friends.

Comments: The strip was written by Scott Goodall. Thanks to Scott Goodall himself for supplying this information.

The art for Kid Chameleon was done by Joe Colquhoun, one of the great British artists, who later drew the classic strip "Charlie's War".

Thanks to Jim Croasdale for this additional information.

According to Les McIntyre from New Zealand, "Kid Chameleon appeared in Cor!! comic from issue 1 (6 June 1970) to issue 98 (15 April 1972)."  He also notes that there is a six-page Kid Chameleon strip in the Cor!Annual 1972, and a story in "The Birthday Book For Boys" annual 1972. Thanks for this information Les.


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