Kersantti Napalm (Sergeant Napalm)

Real Name: Joe Alpman (previously George Alpman)

Identity/Class: Mutant with surgically and medically enhanced abilities.

Occupation: US government agent for Patriotic American Force (super-secret superhero organization with huge office complexes all over the country)

Affiliations: Other PAF agents - John Byrnes, head of PAF; Commander Ironfrisbee; Special Agent Kaappi ("Closet"); Special Agent Käsittelijä ("Handler"); Corporal Karju ("Boar")

Enemies: Colonel Kozyrev (thought the rivalry between them is more of a professional kind - they worked for opposing countries) and other members of WUF (Warsaw Union Force); Black Sun ninja clan; Diamon Manson the zombie-master

Known Relatives: Unnamed father.

Aliases: None known.

Base of Operations: PAF headquarters in Washington D.C.

First Appearance: Sirkkeli (publication of Mikkeli Comics Society, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Pyrokinetic who can control fire but cannot produce it himself. His kevlar uniform includes flamethrower gloves so he can project fire from his palms. Operation that gave him better control of his powers also made him impervious to pain. Strong enough to kill with a single punch (which he may enhance with his fire powers) or dislocate limbs.

History: During the Cold War, the Emergency Management Agency of PAF found a child with uncontrolled pyrotelekinetic powers. Brain surgery to help him control his abilities better partially failed, leading to a loss of sense of pain. The agency exploited that to train him the harshest way possible and begun weekly injections muscle growth hormone (which PAF gives also most other field agents).

Eventually PAF made him first a member and then a squad leader of the government superhero group. He has, for example, sabotaged Soviet missiles in Cuba and fought Soviet cyborg soldiers but also once helped Kozyrev against the mutual enemy, the zombie-master Diamon Manson. His usual missions include arrests, executions and rescues and destruction of any evidence that might be harmful to US government. He never smiles, talks little and is a devout American.

Comments: Created by Vesa Vitikainen and Markus Tuppurainen who originally both scripted and pencilled in turn. Over the ten years, a whole superhero world has been developed around Napalm. Finnish-language homepage.

Profile by Vesa Lehtinen.


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