Real Name: Katar

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Killer

Affiliations: agent of Dancer

Enemies: Grimjack

Known Relatives: Grimjack (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cynosure.

First Appearance: Grimjack #3 (First Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Katar was an excellent fighter, especially with his preferred weapons, the hand blades he usually wore.

History: "Fifteen years ago, you (Grimjack) killed my father! He wasn't much - a small time bouncer. But he was a god to me! You crashed the club he worked at, after something or someone. My father and others tried to stop you. You killed them all....I was six when I swore I'd kill you. The Dancer heard. It amused him. He took me, trained me, gave me a place, prepared me..." to try and get revenge. Katar becomes the newest of Dancer's lieutenants.

When he finally faced Gaunt his ferocity and skill gave him an edge. Injured by his own gun backfiring, Grimjack was at his mercy, but Katar's strike was not fatal, as he was distracted at the last second. Believing he had finally killed Gaunt, he ran off on another errand, and a few minutes later Gaunt shot him dead from behind.

Some months later, Grimjack was visited by an old flame, who asked him to find her missing son...who was also his son, a child she had never told him about. When she told Grimjack the name of the child, he realised that he was Katar. Grimjack later saw Katar's soul, trapped in Hell in a cycle of futile hatred.

Comments: Created by John Ostrander and Tim Truman.


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