Real Name: John Cardy

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Adventurer, stage performer

Affiliations: Lorna Delroy (fiance), Balthar, the Fishtails of the Anderras (amphibious humanoids of an undersea kingdom)

Enemies: The Master Brahmins, the Mocha Men, the Great Rexa, the Beast-Men, the Ice People, Kid Boppo, the Transparent People

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Mystic

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Top-Notch Comics #1 (Archie, December 1939)

Powers/Abilities: Powerful magician, able to hypnotist with a glance, communicate telepathically, move objects telekinetically, become invisible, control the weather, transmogrify objects, fly atop a column of smoke, grow and shrink in size, generate fire, control the weather, create illusions, survive the depths of the oceans, or send his shadow off to act on his behalf. His power resided in his eyes, and if they were covered, he could not perform his magic. Additionally, his magic did not work against the dead. As well as his magical powers, he was a capable two-fisted brawler and an escapologist, using the latter skill in his act.

History: Kardak was a stage performer under the name "the Mystic", but he secretly possessed genuine magical powers, which he frequently used in the service of justice.

Comments: Created by C.A.Winter and Harry Shorten.

Kardak was known only as "the Mystic" in his first two appearances, with the name Kardak being revealed with his third appearance. He appeared in Top-Notch Comics #1-2, #3-27 and the retitled Top-Notch Laugh Comics #28-29, then returned post-Golden Age in Mighty Crusaders #4 when Kardak and other heroes sought to join the Mighty Crusaders, and more recently in Archie and Friends #131, 150-151, when Kardak and other old Archie characters entered Riverdale via dimensional rifts. He also appeared in the relaunch of the MLJ heroes, New Crusaders #1-2

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