Kaptain Briton

Real Name: Byron Bra-Dhok

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Earth-794) human, magical mutate, powers enhanced by costume.

Occupation: Konsort to Opul Lun Sat-Yr-Nin, Hero of the Empire of True Briton.

Affiliations: Member of the Captain Britain Corps, superpowered enforcer for the Empire of True Briton

Enemies: Betsy Braddock, Captain Britain, Gatecrasher's Technet.

Known Relatives: None mentioned, though it is not unreasonable to assume he may have had a twin sister and an older brother, corresponding to Betsy Braddock and Jamie Braddock respectively.

"Paraform" (near identical inter-dimensional doppelganger) to Brian Braddock, the Captain Britain of Earth-616.

Aliases: Brian Braddock, a.k.a. Captain Britain of Earth-616.

Base of Operations: Earth-794 (the home of the Empire of True Briton)

First Appearance: Mighty World of Marvel #13 (June 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength (Class 10?), flight, forcefield, powers innate but enhanced by costume. All powers on a similar level to the Captain Britain of Earth-616, which may mean he also had the enhanced senses that Captain Britain had, though there is no evidence of this. He also carried a device that allowed him to stun Captain Britain when applied to his costume's helmet, and was able to instantly swap his costume with that of Captain Britain by touching a control device on his wrist. In a similar manner he could transform seemingly normal clothes into his costume.

History: (MWM #13) Summoned along with the rest of "the Captain Britain Corps" to Merlyn's funeral on Otherworld, Kaptain Briton notices the strong resemblance between himself and Captain Britain of Earth-616. During the wake he continues to watch his counterpart.

[bts - Kaptain Briton runs away from his home dimension, angering his somewhat unstable paramour, Mastrex Opul Lun Sat-Yr-Nin. She despatches armoured hunters to bring him home.]

(MWM #14) During Captain Britain's first fateful encounter with Meggan, and the ensuing battle, both are unaware that they are being spied on by Kaptain Briton. It is possibly during this particular fight that Kaptain Briton alters Captain Britain's costume's electrical aura to match his own, as almost immediately after this incident Sat-Yr-Nin's hunters begin to attack the wrong Captain.

(MWM #16) Extradimensional hunters attack Captain Britain in his mansion, and overpower the hero who is not wearing his power-enhancing costume, before being stopped by the mental powers of Betsy Braddock. Meanwhile, watching outside the window, is the lurking form of Kaptain Briton.

(Captain Britain Monthly #1) While Brian Braddock tells his sister a potted history of his lifes and times as Captain Britain, the two fail to notice the continued surveillance being carried out by Kaptain Briton.

(Captain Britain Monthly #4) Roma agonises over having carelessly brought both versions of Brian Braddock / Byron Bra-Dhok together at her father's funeral, and reviews the recent build-up of events that is leading to the showdown between the Captains. However, she feels she can not intervene the way her father used to.

(Captain Britain Monthly #5) Byron Bra-Dhok calmly walks into Braddock Manor and appears about to attack Betsy when Captain Britain, appraised finally of his doppelganger by Gatecrasher's Technet, smashes through the window. Byron assumes his costumed identity and the two men start a highly destructive battle through the different levels of the mansion. The combat makes its way into the subterranean caverns which house the Mastermind computer, where the heroic Captain appears to finally gain the upper hand. A few seconds later Captain Britain hands over his unconscious opponent to the Technet - Yap confirms the victor is Earth-616's hero, and Alison Double scans him at Gatecrasher's behest in order to make certain. Betsy, the person who knows him best, cannot help as her powers are still unusable after being dampened by Elmo. The Technet depart for the villain's home dimension with their captive. Her powers still blocked, Brian offers to walk his sister Betsy to her room. But as soon as they are alone, he tries to rape her.

(Captain Britain Monthly #6) Brian Braddock awakens in the dimension of the Empire of Briton, remembering how his counterpart knocked him out with a device of some kind just when he thought he had won the battle, and then swapped costumes with him. Meanwhile back on Earth-616, Betsy is horrified to discover that Byron Bra-Dhok has fooled Yap and Alison, and the man attacking her is not her brother. As he attempts to rape her he discovers to his cost that she is not as powerless as he assumed; she rips the memories of his murdering and torturing for the Empire from his mind, then throws him around the room (presumably using his own flight powers, as she isn't a telekinetic) before finally frying his mind, killing him.

(Captain Britain Monthly #7) The real Brian Braddock returns home seconds later thanks to the assistance of the Technet, to find his sister sitting next to the burnt out corpse of Briton. The Mastermind hologram arrives and takes the corpse away for proper disposal.

Comments: Created by Alan Moore (?) and Alan Davis.

According to Yap of the Technet, Kaptain Briton and Captain Britain had very similar "auras", and they seemed to be well matched in combat; hence it seems likely that there power levels were all but identical. Out of the members of the Captain Britain Corps present at Merlyn's funeral the two appear to be the only two who are full counterparts to one another (e.g. their civilian identities match as well as their costumed ones). The estimation of the Kaptain's strength level is mostly a guess, based on how strong Captain Britain seemed to be at the time. By the time C.B. joined Excalibur his strength had apparently increased to around Class 100, but this was after he had learned to use his powers without his costume's enhancing effect; at the time of this encounter he wasn't so powerful.

I haven't listed Mastrex Sat-Yr-Nin as an enemy, nor put Briton's status as FORMER Konsort, as the tyrant seemed merely peeved at his running away, and there is nothing to suggest that he meant to leave his place in the Empire of Briton permanently. Strictly speaking, the Technet probably shouldn't be under Enemies either, as there was no antagonism in what they were doing - they had simply been hired to bring him home.

We see Captain Britain first encounter the armoured hunters pursuing the Kaptain in Mighty World of Marvel #15 while he is having tea with the Scott family, and they also appear in Captain Britain Monthly #2, being told by Sat-Yr-Nin that the "kontract" for the Kaptain has been given to Gatecrasher's Technet. While they form part of this character's story arc, Kaptain Briton himself is not seen to be present in either case, so I have not listed these episodes as part of his history.

Kaptain Briton's costume was not disposed of with his corpse. Instead the Mastermind computer holds on to it, and when Betsy Braddock was convinced to take on the role of Captain Britain by RCX, the computer altered his costume to be used by her.

I've listed Alan Moore as one of the Kaptain's creators as he was the writer of the story where he first appeared. However since the character only appears in the background and has no dialogue, and this was Alan Moore's last issue, it may be fair to put his creation down to just Alan Davis, foreshadowing a future storyline.

In Excalibur I #56, Captain Britain refers to the Earth that Sat-Yr-9 comes from as being Earth-794. Since Kaptain Briton was presumably native to the same world, this would seem to be his home Earth too.

Profile adapted from the one I did for the Appendix to the Marvel Universe site.

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