Real Name: Vergel

Identity/Class: Hybrid (Half Human-Half Snake)

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Talim, Gulag, Kuran

Known Relatives: King Saban (father, deceased), Alicia (mother)

Aliases: Venom (English translation of name)

Base of Operations: Philippines

First Appearance: People's Journal (1980s)

Powers/Abilities: Super strength.

History: Kamandag is a story about a creature that is half snake and half human. Kamandag begins deep down in a cave called the Ambograw, a place where different sorts of half human and half creature beings called Ambogs live. Its kingdom has six tribes: Hasbaya, the snake tribe ruled by Haring Saban; Lobobaya, a wolf tribe ruled by Haring Gulag; Pusbaya, a cat tribe ruled by Reynang Kuran; Goybaya, a monkey tribe ruled by Haring Dinggol; Orobaya, a bull tribe ruled by Haring Budol and Rapaya, a long lost reptile tribe ruled by Reynang Ragona. Haring Saban, the King of the half human and half snake people (Hasbaya Tribe) fell in love with and married Alicia, a normal human (the regular humans in the Ambograw are suppose to be caught and turned into slaves) and they had a baby. The baby was destined to be killed because he looked like a regular human instead of an Ambog. Haring Gulag, Saban's enemy and King of Lobobaya Tribe, invited Saban a battle between the two for the ruler of all Ambograw but Reynang Kuran, queen of Pusbaya Tribe, interfered and set them on fire. Saban died later. Meanwhile, Ikoy and his sister brought the baby into the human world for his safety. Domeng and Elena found a baby and they named him Vergel. Vergel later discovers his snake powers and he's destined to be a hero. Vergel renamed himself Kamandag, the savior of all beings. Haring Budol gave Vergel a mysterious bracelet, which had belonged to Haring Saban, and the bracelet allowed Vergel to transform into his armor. His mission became to bring down all kinds of evil like his enemies Gulag, Kuran and especially Talim. Lucero, Vergel's close friend and later enemy, became another half-snake half-human and becomes Kamandag's mortal enemy naming himself as Talim. Kamandag and Talim fight for their love and glory.

Comments: Created by Carlo Caparas. Adapted into a TV series by GMA Network in 2007, with Richard Gutierrez in the lead.

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