Kabayo Kids

Membership: Pamboy (Orange Juice), Nanding (Green Mango), Pando (Yellow Banana)

Purpose: Unknown

Affiliations: Don Horacio Caballero

Enemies: Red Devil

Base of Operations: The Phillippines

First Appearance:  Kabayo Kids (movie)

History: Pamboy, Nanding, and Pando work as kutsero (coachman), jockey, and panday (blacksmith) respectively, all in line with horses. They stumble into a crime committed by a big syndicate headed by Red Devil. The three were almost killed but they managed to seek refuge into Don Horacio’s mansion. Horacio used to be a handsome man but was disfigured by some hoodlums who wanted to use his business in their illegal operations, something he refused to oblige.

Horacio transforms the trio into a fighting team naming them Kabayo Kids. The trio fought all the bad elements of society until finally they come across the forces of Red Devil. In the end, the trio emerge victorious.

As their theme song goes: “We‘re not the Bioman, we’re not the Biokids, we’re the horsey horsey tigidig Kabayo Kids!”

Comments: The trio were played by Vic Sotto, Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon. The same three also played "Super Wan Tu Tri" a few years earlier.

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