Jube the Walrus

Real Name: Jhubben

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (from Glabber, passes himself off as a Joker)

Occupation: Spy / newspaper salesman

Affiliations: The Network

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Jube Benson

Base of Operations: Jokertown, New York City

First Appearance: Wild Cards "Shell Games"

Powers/Abilities: Jube is immune to cold, known for standing out in the snowy New York winter wearing a Hawaiin shirt (in fact, he wears these all the time). He has access to large sums of money when needed to fund his mission. Though he rarely carries it, he has a laser pistol. He can communicate with his superiors using a Faster-than-light radio.

History: Jube is an extraterrestrial from the planet Glabber, a small and cold planet belonging to an interplanetary organization called the Network (designated a class 2 member). The Network is best described as a combination between a trade federation and organized crime. Jube is a xenologist and contract-bound operative for the Network, who came to Earth around 1952 to study the effects of the Wold Card Virus on the local population, and to determine if Earth or its people could be a commodity the Network could use. After he landed, Jube concealed his origins by passing himself off as a Joker, one of the Virus' deformed victims, living in the Bowery, the New York district that became known as Jokertown. Believed by all to be simply a human transformed to resemble a walrus, with blue-black skin and tusks sticking out of his mouth, he became a fixture of the area, gathering information while working as a street corner newspaper seller. Over time he came to love his new home and the people there, although that would never deter him from doing his work. He avoided Dr.Tachyon for a long time, realising the other alien would see through his charade, but eventually revealed himself to help Tachyon pursue Blaise back to Takis, arranging interstellar transportation for the scientist.

Comments: Created by George R.R.Martin.

Thanks to George Abdilnour, Fernando Guedes and Michael Alessio for additional information on this character.


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