El Jinete Fantasma (The Ghost Rider)

Real Name: Vance Noland.

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Cowboy

Affiliations: His father, his horse "Rex".

Enemies: Any outlaws

Known Relatives: Mr. Noland (father); Bobby Noland (half brother).

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The American West, c.1880s.

First Appearance: El Jinete Fantasma Magazine Nº 1.

Powers/Abilities: He has no special or supernatural powers but he is a superb gunman and a strong fighter.

History: Vance was the secret son of a rich ranch owner and an unknown Native American. Though not publically acknowledged by his father, he was still cared for, and when he grew up he worked as foreman at the ranch. Mr. Noland had another son  called Bobby Noland, a good and intelligent man, but soft and innocent. His father decided to send him to "see the world" around the Wild West, which he felt would make Bobby a harder man, a real "west man", but he feared Bobby would not survive, so he sent Vance to secretly protect him. As Bobby travelled around, Vance would always ride near him as his "Ghost Rider". A lawful type, El Jinete Fantasma also made  a point of helping anyone else who might need him.

Comments: Thanks to Hèctor Torres for providing much of the above information. He adds "In the 70's in Chile was a socialist governemant of Salvador Allende. During this period the comic changed. It was more political, showing Vance fight alongside the indians (he was half-indian himself) and the villans were the U.S.A. soldiers or the rich men which abused poor people."

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