Real Name: Jerom

Identity/Class: Mutated caveman

Occupation: Caveman; tram controller; musician; worker at 19th century brick factory; adventurer; superhero

Affiliations: Shares his home with Lambik; friends with Suske, Wiske and Sidonia; Professor Barabas;
member of MoRoTaRi during his superhero phase (Moderne Ronde TavelRidders=Modern Round Table Knights); Odilon (sidekick during this period)

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Moe Mie (mother)

Aliases: Golden Stuntman; Jeroen (Dutch name); Wastl (German name); Zepom (Greek name)

Base of Operations: "The Castle"

First Appearance: De dolle musketiers (1953)

Powers/Abilities: Superstrength, Superspeed, Superjump, near invulnerability (No damage from rockets, bullets, katana and such, but can be poisoned by venomous stings and such) and some minor powers when needed in the story.

History: Jerom was a caveman who was frozen in a block of ice and thawed out in the time of the musketeers. Subsequently he was brought to the modern day in a time machine. For a period he was worked with MoRoTaRi, a society which decided to help the world by providing it with a superhero. They provided equipment and intelligence that allowed Jerom to operate as a superhero under the name The Golden Stuntman. Except for the four core members (Jerom, Sidonia, Professor Barabas and Odilon) each member of the society wore a golden mask. After Jerom retired from being a superhero, his sidekick Odilon took up the mantle of Golden Stuntsman.

Comments: Created by Willy Vandersteen. After guesting in another strip, he got his own series in 1960. He lost his own series in 1991, but is still a member of the most popular (native) comic heroes in the Netherlands and Flanders.

As well as Jerom, Sidonia, Professor Barabas and Odilon, the MoRoTaRi included Yokomoto , the Japanese representative to the group.

Thanks to Theodoor Westerhof for informing me about this character and providing information on him. Thanks to Bernard Schattenberg for informing me of Jerom's mother's existence and Stijn Depuydt for additional information.

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