Jeff Sullivan, L'Homme D'airain

Jeff Sullivan's current look Real Name: Jeff Sullivan





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Futura #27


History: Jeff Sullivan is the modern-day descendant of a mutant family that has latent superhuman powers, and traces its ancestry back to Gallix and Avalon. Following an electrical accident, Sullivan finds himself transported into a parallel Earth where the Allies lost WW II and the Japanese rule America. After fighting the Japanese, Sullivan meets other members of his dimension-spanning family who teach him how to use his powers. He then returns to his Earth to fight crime. Jeff Sullivan eventually died in a heroic battle on the Moon to save Earth.

Jeff's original appearanceComments: Originally published in Futura Nos. 27-33. Another member of the Sullivan family, Doc Sullivan, currently co-stars in Phenix. Fred "Blackie" Sullivan is Max Tornado's arch-enemy.

Jeff Sullivan, and his daughter Plasma, are members of the super-team known as -- Hexagon.


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