Jaleb le Telepath

Real Name: Jaleb Jellicoe

First Appearance: Futura #1





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: Jaleb was accidentally left behind on Earth by his parents, members of a Galactic Federation of telepathic races. Adopted by the Jellicoe family, Jaleb grows up to become a telepath, unaware of his alien origins. He eventually stumbles upon the existence of alien observers from the Federation on Earth. He then embarks upon a quest to find his people, crossing paths with other Earth-born telepaths and fighting crime. Reunited with his people, Jaleb becomes involved in a civil war between the "Legalists" (led by the powerful Brandon Muir), who are against equal rights for non-telepaths (dubbed "underpeople") and the "Idealists" (including Jaleb's girl-friend, Xani), who support their struggle for equality. Jaleb helps broker a peace, and returns to Earth as an observer.


Comments :The story of Jaleb the Telepath was serialized in "Futura" Nos. 1-18 (1972-73). Stories featuring the return of Jaleb allied with the mysterious team known as The Strangers are currently in the works.


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