Jacques Flash

Real Name: Jacques Flash

Identity/Class: Human empowered by chemical means

Occupation: Journalist

Affiliations: Professor Folven (deceased)

Enemies: l'Homme Invisible (The Invisible Man)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: France

First Appearance: Vaillant

Powers/Abilities: Able to become invisible.

History: Jacques Flash is a French journalist who usedan invisibility serum devised by the late Professor Folven to fight crime.

Comments: Created by Jean Ollivier and Pierre Le Guen.

Jacques Flash was originally serialized in the weekly magazine "Vaillant" (which became "Pif" in 1969) from 1956 to 1973. In spite of its popularity, only the first three episodes were collected in the graphic novel format, in 1960 and 1961.

Except where otherwise mentioned, the stories were usually 12-pages long, switching to 20 pages from episode 40 onward, and self-contained.

  1. Jacques Flash contre l'Homme Invisible [Jacques Flash vs. The Invisible Man] (67 p.) (1957; rep. Vail., 1960)

  2. Jeux de Mains, Jeux de Vilains [Hand Games, Evil Games]

  3. Le Retour de l'Homme Invisible [The Return Of The Invisible Man] (56 p.) (1959; rep. Vail., 1961)

  4. Contre Cyrano de Bergerac (26 p.) (1960)

  5. Bagarres en Birmanie [Battle In Burma] (22 p.) (1960)

  6. Matricule 9929 FK 75 [License Plate 9929 FK 75] (43 p.) (1961)

  7. Le Trésor de l'Homme Invisible [The Invisible Man's Treasure] (11 p.) (1961)

  8. Contre les Hommes Invisibles [Against The Invisible Men] (26 p.) (1962)

  9. Invisiblement Votre [Invisibly Yours] (30 p.) (1963)

  10. La Fiancée de l'Homme Invisible [The Bride Of The Invisible Man] (32 p.) (1963)

  11. Faites Chauffer la Colle [Heat Up The Glue] (34 p.) (1964)

  12. L'Homme Invisible Joue et Gagne [The Invisible Man Plays To Win] (10 p.) (1964)

  13. L'Homme Invisible fait des siennes [The Invisible Man Plays Tricks] (63 p.) (1965)

  14. Le Fantôme de l'Homme Invisible [The Ghost Of The Invisible Man] (1965)

  15. Contre 3,1416 (1965)

  16. Cache-Cache Catcheur [Hide And Seek With A Wrestler] (1965)

  17. Le Grand Chantage [The Great Blackmail] (1965)

  18. Enlevez, c'est pesé [Take It Away, It's Been Weighed] (1965)

  19. Les Pirates de l'Air [The Air Pirates] (1965)

  20. Teuf-Teuf Polka [Jalopy Polka] (1966)

  21. Les Hercules d'Acier [The Steel Hercules] (1966)

  22. Ballet Ballon [Balloon Ballet] (1966)

  23. Le Gang des Tracteurs [The Tractor Gang] (1966)

  24. Scandale chez les As [Scandal Among The Aces] (1966)

  25. Branle-bas chez les Radios Pirates [Alert Among The Radio Pirates] (1966)

  26. Les Pères Noël de l'Épouvante [The Terrifying Santa Clauses] (8 p.) (1966)

  27. Avez-vous vu Mirza? [Have You Seen Mirza?] (1967)

  28. Les Voyageurs du Futur [The Travellers From The Future] (1967)

  29. Méfiez-vous des Fantômes [Don't Trust The Ghosts] (1967)

  30. Le Grand Maître de Bornéo [The Master Of Borneo] (1967)

  31. Le Commando Libellule [The Dragonfly Commando] (1967)

  32. Les Abominables Petits Hommes Verts [The Awful Little Green Men] (1967)

  33. La Marée Nore [The Black Tide] (1968)

  34. Le Jour des Dauphins [The Day Of The Dolphins] (1968)

  35. L'Étrange Safari [The Strange Safari] (1968)

  36. Rapt en Plein Ciel [Skyjacking] (1968)

  37. Alerte au X43 (1968)

  38. Les Chevaliers de l'Hélibulle [The Knights Of The Helibubble] (1969)

  39. Les Esclaves de la Forêt [The Slaves Of The Forest] (1969)

  40. 24 Heures dans l'Autre Monde [24 Hours In The World Beyond] (1970)

  41. Le Fantôme du Zoo [A Ghost At The Zoo] (1968)

  42. La Nuit des Vampires [The Night Of The Vampires] (1969)

  43. La Folie des Diamants [The Diamond Madness] (1969)

  44. Terreur sur la Manche [Terror Over The Channel] (1969)

  45. Aller sans Retour [One-Way Ticket] (1969)

  46. Miracle à Colombes (1969)

  47. Furie sur l'Or Noir [Black Gold Fury] (1969)

  48. La Cadena de Uro (1970)

  49. Les Disparus d'Alcatraz [Disappearances In Alcatraz] (1970)

  50. Le Mur des 9000 Soleils [The Wall Of 9000 Suns] (1970)

  51. Le Mammouth du Ciel [The Sky Mastodon] (1970)

  52. Bien Joué, Fillette! [Well Played, Little Girl!]

  53. Safari à l'Héritage [Inheritance Safari] (1971)

  54. Nuages sur Nouakcholt [Clouds Over Nouakcholt] (1973) Jacques Flash

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