The Incredible Hulk


Publisher: Marvel U.K.

Format: Weekly anthology title

First Issue: The Incredible Hulk #1 (31st March 1982)

Last Issue: The Incredible Hulk #27 (29th September 1982)

Absorbed: None

Absorbed into: Spider-Man

Strips: Hulk, Hulk the Menace, Inhumans, What If?

Comments: Just under 2 years after the cancellation of Hulk's last UK title, called variously Hulk Comic, Incredible Hulk Weekly and finally just Incredible Hulk, Marvel UK decided to give the character another shot headling his own comic. Called once again Incredible Hulk, the first glossy covered issue came out on 31st March 1982; surprisingly, rather than run a recent Hulk story, the first issue reprinted the Hulk's encounter with Maximus the Mad's evil Inhumans from 1969's Incredible Hulk #119. Other strips in the first issue were the much more recent "What if Wolverine Had Killed the Hulk?" from 1982's What If? #31, and the UK-originated 3 panel humour strip Hulk the Menace by Marvel UK comedy strip veterans Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett. The series also frequently tried to capitalise on the ongoing Hulk TV series, featuring photos from the show on several covers, but it never quite found its footing, and cancelled with #27 on 29th September 1982, to be absorbed into Spider-Man, just as its predecessor had been. The Hulk would not hold centre stage at Marvel UK again until 1989, when Incredible Hulk Presents was launched.

Having an almost identical name to both the preceeding and succeeding Marvel UK Hulk titles, each better remembered because of their original UK content (principally Black Knight and Night Raven for the 1979-1980 series and Doctor Who for the 1989 one) and with the monthly incarnation of Rampage often carrying a Hulk byline more prominent than the actual title, has caused the 1982 Incredible Hulk to be frequently forgotten or mistaken for these other series.

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