Kapteeni Hyperventilaattorimies (Captain Hyperventilatorman)

Art by Anssi Rauhala Real Name: Sidney Applebaum

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Corporate superhero

Affiliations: Superheroes Inc

Enemies: Superheroes Inc

Known Relatives: Unnamed wife (divorced)

Aliases: Hypis (nickname)

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Tähtivaeltaja

Powers/Abilities: Strong - can crash through a wall, can withstand vacuum without a space suit and fly at least in space, near-invulnerable (withstands laser blasts and micronukes); regenerates damage: Captain is powered by a group (later a mass) of long-haired Jerry-men who were created from the clones of the Lizard King Jim Morrison.

Later art of the Captain by Petri Hiltunen History: Captain Hyperventilator was created by the large corporation Superheroes Inc in a near-cyberpunk future. Not-so-bright space marine captain Sidney Applebaum was turned into a conduit for Jerry-men's power. The company created a public relations cartoon, put him under control of a pretty android operative called Cindy and gave him a name - Captain Hyperventilator. However, their creation eventually got out of their control and they had to nuke the whole of Earth to get rid of him. Or so they thought...

Comments: Kapteeni Hyperventilaattorimies is a creation of Anssi Rauhala and Markku Uusitalo though writers and artists have varied over the years. The first stories were satirical, others scenes from "behind the scenes" about Captain's corporate origins. Many of them are based on inside jokes within the Finnish Science Fiction circles and include characters modeled on various people involved with Finnish SF fandom. (I found myself in one panel...)

Profile by Vesa Lehtinen.


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