Dr Abraham van Helsing

Peter CushingReal Name: Doctor Abraham van Helsing

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Vampire hunter, anthropology professor

Affiliations: Ally of Johnathan Harker; Dr.Jack Seward; Lord Arthur Holmwood; Quincy P. Morris, Percival Pinkerton [Marvel Comics only], Mina Murray

Enemies: Dracula, Children of Judas (Dracula's cult [Marvel Comics only]), Lucy Westernra, Lyza Strang [Marvel Comics only]

Known Relatives: Rache van Helsing (ancestor), Boris Van Helsing (brother, deceased), Elizabeth Van Helsing (wife, deceased), Mrs. Van Helsing (second wife [Marvel Comics only], deceased), unnamed son (deceased, later named as Adam [Marvel Comics only]), unnamed grandson (deceased, [Marvel Comics only]), Mrs. Van Helsing (granddaughter-in-law [Marvel Comics only], deceased), Rachel Van Helsing (great-granddaughter [Marvel Comics only], deceased)

Aliases: all Marvel Comics only - Herr Doktor van Helsing, Professor van Helsing, Baron of Bistritz, Quincy P. Morris, Jonathan Harker

Base of Operations: Unknown - comes from Holland, and travelled to England and Transylvania in pursuit of Dracula, but nothing to indicate he is normally based in any of these places.

First Appearance: Dracula (novel by Bram Stoker, 1897)

Powers/Abilities: Van Helsing had a vast understanding of vampire lore, and was adept in the use of weapons used against them. He was also incredibly knowledgeable about blood diseases and was a professor of diseases


Comments: Created by Bram Stoker. Thanks to Nikki P. and Mack Lambert for additional information.


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