Real Name: Percival Edmund Chang





Known Relatives: Chang (father)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Deathmate Black (the Image/Valiant crossover); Gen 13

Powers/Abilities: Grunge can transform himself and anything he touches organic, or nonorganic, living (teammates) or dead (his leather boots), into whatever he wishes, such as water or stone. On one occasion when Grunge was shot, he simply spit the flattened bullets out and got back up again, on another occasion he turned his arm to stone, after being turned to stone it was snapped back, and off. A while latter his arm was back on and back to normal

He's also a fair martial artist, discipline unspecified.

History: Team 7's Chang, fearing I.O.'s sinister plans, sent his son into hiding while he was still an infant. Raised in Seattle, Percival Edmund soon became known as "Grunge", an all-American slacker who knew little about his father. Invited to take part in I.O.'s Project Genesis program, Grunge soon found out he was in a prison-like breeding ground for Gen-Actives. Manifesting his powers, he escaped with his new teammates, the Gen13. Grunge is a skate/surf rat and enjoys spending his afternoons sleeping in. Although he lives in a beach house with three beautiful superwomen, only Freefall appreciates him for who he really is: a slovenly, cold pizza-eating party animal with a photographic memory.



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