The Grey Ghosts

Membership: Hugh Mason, Harvey Doane, Bob Gower, Penelope Sue Cartwright

Purpose: To stop injustice perpetrated by bullying prefects.

Affiliations: None.

Enemies: Mr. W. Aspell (the "Wasp," a bullying schoolmaster)

Base of Operations: Harcourt Abbey School

First Appearance: Girls' Crystal (1948)

History: School friends Hugh Mason, Harvey Doane and Bob Gower formed a hooded secret society to fight injustices done to their fellow pupils in Harcourt Abbey School, a boys' boarding school run by the stern headmaster John Cartwright. When his daughter Penny's school was closed by an outbreak of scarlet fever, Cartwright had no option other than having her stay at Harcourt Abbey until the holidays. Quick-witted and inquisitive, Penny soon discovered the identities of the Grey Ghosts, but rather than revealing her findings to her father, she instead became the fourth Grey Ghost. 

Comments: Created by Dorothy Page. 

Penny and the Grey Ghosts as they appeared in their original text incarnation.

The earliest Grey Ghosts tale I am aware of appeared as a illustrated text story in Girls' Crystal #669, 14th August 1948; however, it's entirely likely there were prior adventures. The group reappeared in comic strip form in Schoolgirls' Picture Library and Schoolgirls' Own Library circa 1958. For some reason, Penelope "Penny" Cartwright became Geraldine "Gerry" Cartwright, but everyone elses' names remained the same.

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