Real Name: Godzooky

Identity/Class: Giant radioactive monster

Occupation: Following the Calico around

Affiliations: Godzilla, Pete, Captain Carl Majors, Professor Quinn Darian, Brock

Enemies: the Firebird, the Megavolt Monster, the Eartheater, Axor

Known Relatives: Godzilla (uncle)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile around the world

First Appearance: The Godzilla Show (Hanna Barbera, September 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Extremely strong, able to fly. Able to call for his uncle, who seems to be able to hear him no matter how far away he is.

History: Godzooky was the nephew of the giant "kaiju" (monster) known as Godzilla. A friendly and inquisitive creature by nature, he befriended a young boy called Pete and followed the lad as he travelled around the world on the Calico with his scientist uncle, seeking out stories of other kaiju. Inevitably most of these were hostile towards humans, and Godzilla would be called in to save the day, either by the humans using a signalling device, or by Godzooky himself.

Comments: "Voice" (noises, really) provided by Don Messick.

Normally I'd have listed Godzooky under his uncle's entry in the Japanese section, but frankly poor Godzilla has been through enough indignities at the hands of the Americans, without adding insult to injury.

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