Real Name: Godzilla

Identity/Class: Mutant iguana (?)


Affiliations: HEAT; Nick Tatopolous

Enemies: The Leviathan aliens; Cameron Winters

Known Relatives: Gojira (parent)


Base of Operations: Global

First Appearance: Godzilla cartoon (1990's)

Powers/Abilities: A strong, fast and agile beast, Godzilla is an adept swimmer and can tunnel through the earth. His main weapon of choice is a crackling stream of green atomic flame. He has either a rudimentary understanding of the English language or minor telepathy, able to understand Nick Tatopolous and follow his orders.

History: The last surviving child of the first Godzilla (from Tri-Star's movie), the little tyke imprinted on scientist Nick Tatopolous. Quickly growing to adult size, Godzilla developed a rapport with Nick, listening to him and following him and his team HEAT around the world. Godzilla acted as the front line of defence against all the new mutations that crawled out of the woodwork and seemed highly effective, until the discovery of the sunken Leviathan spacecraft and the aliens inside it. These aliens launched an invasion of Earth, mind-controlling the mutations and rebuilding the original Godzilla as a hideous cyborg. Thanks to HEAT, the mutations were freed and launched a vicious counter-strike on the aliens, with Godzilla personally ripping apart Cyber-Godzilla.

Comments: Hearsay has it that the makers of the cartoon wanted to make this Godzilla less like the Tri-Star movie and more like his Japanese self. Hence his atomic fire-breath and tendency to attack instead of running away like a wuss.

He may not be malicious but he's several times put people in serious danger just by not noticing them. This also includes Nick, who had the misfortune to be at the same dock as a mutant rat that Godzilla wanted dead...

The big G has a problem with getting mind-controlled, both by corrupt CEO Cameron Winters and the Leviathan aliens. The first time he was driven into incinerating a whole army base; the second, he smashed up Washington and demolished part of the White House.

Thanks to Charles Ellis for providing the image for this version of Godzilla. He also provided most of the write-up for this incarnation.


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